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I would like to ask  if there's any site where in I can download or print the patch information  for oracle.  My boss  wants  me to find  documentation between the difference  between   and  
I really need it badly and as soon as possible.. thanks
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2 Solutions
If available, this info could be found in the README file of the Upgrade set.
You have to download the latest 8.1.7 upgrade from the metalink and read this.
The patchset is about 116 MB.

Bug Fixes by Category
Bug Categories
·      Corruption
·      Recovery
·      Advanced / Secure Networking
·      Advanced Queuing
·      Bitmap Indexes
·      Crash - Issues likely to cause an Instance to crash
·      DB-Link / Distributed
·      Domain Indexes
·      Export/Import
·      Function Based Index (including DESC indexes)
·      Gateways / Heterogeneous Services
·      Hangs / Spins
·      Hash Join
·      Index Only Tables (IOT)
·      JDBC
·      Java / SQLJ / JSP / Corba etc..
·      LDAP / Oracle Internet Directory
·      LOB Related (CLOB/BLOB/BFILE)
·      Large file / memory issues (Eg: 2Gb)
·      LogMiner
·      MTS (Multi Threaded Server)
·      Memory Corruption
·      Migration / Upgrade / Downgrade
·      NLS (National Language Support)
·      Network
·      OCI
·      Objects (Types/Collections)
·      Optimizer
·      Oracle Label Security
·      Oracle Names
·      PL/SQL (DBMS Packages)
·      PL/SQL
·      PLSQL External Procedures (EXTPROC)
·      Parallel Query (PQO)
·      Parallel Server
·      Partition Views (PV)
·      Partitioned Tables
·      Performance
·      Pro* Precompiler
·      Query Rewrite (including Materialized Views)
·      RMAN (Recovery Manager)
·      Replication
·      Resource Leaks (eg: Memory Leak)
·      SQL*Loader
·      Security
·      Shared Pool
·      Space Management - Bitmap Managed
·      Space Management
·      Special Datatypes
·      Star Transformation
·      Transportable Tablespaces
·      Wallet Manager
·      Wrong Results
·      XA / Distributed Transactions
·      XML / XDK
·      Year 2000 / Date limit Issues
·      interMedia Text
·      Dumps / Abends
·      Errors & Internal Errors
·      Miscellaneous
Bug Fixes by Category
Category      Fixed      BugNo      Description Corruption
      8174      1646512*ALTER TABLESPACE ... ADD DATAFILE allows illegal filesize - can corrupt dictionary
      8174      2220356*Fast refresh of Oracle7 mastered snapshots produces corrupt data / ORA-1400
      8174      1653112      EXCHANGE PARTITION does not check that FUNCTIONAL index definitions match
      8174      1837754      ALTER TABLE MODIFY (CHAR and NUMBER) truncates all NUMBER columns to 22 digits long
      8174      1901844      ROLLBACK to a NAMED SAVEPOINT with a DBLINK can result in a FULL ROLLBACK
      8174      2068275      RMAN VALIDATE...CHECK LOGICAL incorrectly reports block corruption (ORA-19661)
      8174      2070167      DBV spins reporting same block corrupt if block type is bad
      8174      2124693      Array insert .. select can lose data if the cursor is invalidated
      8174      2134477      DBA_DATA_FILES shows wrong values after failed resize which signalled ORA-3298
      8174      2140287      Data corruption possible with CTAS or INSERT..SELECT across a DB link
      8174      2151364      DIRECT load of IOT can produce a corrupt IOT
      8174      2161512      INSERT /*+ APPEND*/ into table with FUNCTIONAL INDEX loads corrupt data
      8174      2199718      9.2 client to pre-9.2 server updating NUMBER and DATE columns can corrupt the NUMBER
      8173      1805146*      DROP Functional index does not clean up dictionary - Can cause corrupt export file
      8173      1949786+      Data inserted into wrong partition after a column has been DROPPED
      8173      1950099+      Function based index not updated after DIRECT LOAD
      8173      1317832      ALTER INDEX REBUILD on cluster index produces a corrupt index
      8173      1388843      UNIQUE/PK constraints ENFORCED with NON-UNIQUE COMPRESSED indexes allow duplicates / ORA-8102
      8173      1531976      Bytes may be lost inserting multibyte data > 4k in length
      8173      1561782      Data corruption from ALTER TABLE MOVE of table with a dropped column
      8173      1616033      Direct load to composite partitioned table can corrupt local indexes
      8173      1656136      DBVERIFY may incorrectly report TEMPORARY tablespace blocks as corrupt
      8173      1660471      Delete Cascade does not work with reversed index on FK columns
      8173      1694876      OCIDirectPath API may insert extra characters at the end of CHAR columns
      8173      1763013      Loader loads garbage data into CLOB columns for empty input strings
      8173      1837529      OERI:KFTR2BZ_1/OERI:25012 from CREATE sub-partitioned local INDEX ONLINE
      8173      1846487      MASTER-DETAIL DATASTORE with BINARY=NO may corrupt text at buffer boundaries
      8173      1879479      Export / import of WRAPPED PLSQL may corrupt the source
      8173      1949273      OERI:25012 / ORA-1555 / ORA-22922 accessing LOB data after ALTER TABLE MOVE lob
      8173      1984822      Concurrent execution on tightly coupled transaction branches can cause logical corruption
      8173      2133357      Altering database character set to multibyte may produce corrupt LOB
      8172      1505302+      Client data corruption if ARRAY size < OCI_ATTR_PREFETCH_ROWS
      8172      1268857      UPDATE set COL=( UNION ALL query ) may place corrupt data in COL
      8172      1359472      Dictionary corruption / OERI:15266 following RENAME of non-existent object
      8172      1360714      ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION .. STORE IN with SUBPARTITIONS can dump or corrupt dictionary
      8172      1492907      DBMS_REPAIR.SKIP_CORRUPT_BLOCKS does not work for some chained rows
      8172      1527982      OERI:25012 / Bitmap index<->table mismatch after UPDATE of PARTITION KEY moves rows
      8172      1565578      DBV reports spurious errors for Oracle 7 format UNDO blocks
      8172      1618879      CTAS with a CASE statement can produce a corrupt table
      8172      1651393      Corruption / key not found from heavy concurrent DELETE/UPDATE of an IOT row
      8172      1679690      Buffer cache in memory corruption (OERI:2032) can lead to permanent data/index mismatch (OERI:12700)
      8172      1705996      INSERT APPEND .. PQ SELECT does not blank pad CHAR columns
      8172      1715663      Dictionary mismatch from ROWID SNAPSHOT on a table with LOB column (OERI:KOKLISHDL104)
      8172      1739335      ALTER TABLE can cause logical corruption if the table has Row Level Security on it
      8172      1780147      OERI:KCOAPL_BLKCHK / index block corruption possible
      8172      1803203      DROP USER CASCADE may drop a different users TRIGGERS
      8171B      1539096      ITEXT: INSO_FILTER output is corrupt for some DB character sets
      8171      1475310*      ALTER INDEX .. REBUILD ONLINE/ MOVE IOT ONLINE can corrupt the index
      8171      1648092+      ROLLBACK to user SAVEPOINT followed by an ERROR can cause CORRUPTION (OERI:6006 / OERI:6856)
      8171      751910      DBMS_REPAIR.CHECK_OBJECT doesnt report blocks already marked corrupt
      8171      975467      ORA-24813/ORA-22275 selecting a CLOB - caused by SQLLOAD direct load of the CLOB
      8171      1053906      OCIBindByName array bind SQLT_CHR to VARCHAR2 columns uses size of first element for all elements
      8171      1264071      ORA-22813 or NULL data inserted when inserting large objects
      8171      1311756      Foreign Key on Compressed IOT with DELETE cascade does not see child rows
      8171      1321230      ORA-6502 / bind corruption possible using fixed CHAR array binds to PLSQL
      8171      1328829      OCI fetch array sizes > 65536 overwrite the initial array elements
      8171      1359666      SEG$/UET$ rollback may cause a corruption (very rare)
      8171      1364542      Buffer Cache corruption possible (rare)
      8171      1386924      OCILobWrite piecewise write may lose / corrupt multibyte data
      8171      1400739      Block corruption/OERI:2023 /ORA-8103 can occur if TRUNCATE is interrupted (Ctrl-C)
      8171      1528062      ALTER TABLE SPLIT PARTITION for composite range-hash partition can corrupt dictionary
      8171      1538307      Dump in KDIEXI or FK not found with KEY COMPRESSION and Constraints
Recovery       8174      1586718      Parallel recovery (of standby) can fail with ORA-27050 / ORA-27010
      8174      1809786      Standby database may fail to open on same node as primary (ORA-1102)
      8173      1781183      OERI:2888 / OERI:KCFTRO_READ_WRITE / OERI:kcftro_in_trans trying to make a tablespace READ ONLY
      8173      1992254      OERI:ksfdchkfob1 / OERI:17585 on recovery if first logfile member has bad header
      8173      2055972      OERI:2749 possible on OPEN RESETLOGS / ACTIVATE STANDBY (some platforms only)
      8172      1629590      OERI:KCLSFLA_1 possible on standby in READ ONLY mode

............   etc.
manthaneinAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info..  but   is there any way i can determine which  bugfixes is for
and which are for
The differences should be listed in the README of
I do not expect big differences.
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manthaneinAuthor Commented:
I can't download  the or any of the oracle patch  from the metalink  I don't have any account..   are there  any other way to obtain this info
I don't know other source of info.

Be advised that it is imposible to get detailed info.
the patches, along with descriptions, etc can be downloaded from oracle.technet.com.  just create a free account.  you will not get the detailed information that is available at metalink.
While trying to retrieve the URL: http://oracle.technet.com/ 

The following error was encountered:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for oracle.technet.com
The dnsserver returned:

Name Error: The domain name does not exist.
manthaneinAuthor Commented:
I also  can't get in the website. thanks for the information. My boss  decides to ask oracle help from the vendor..  

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