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PC locked up - How to Unlock with no Admin Password

My friend recently got an old office laptop from his new employer. This laptop used to belong to a former employee. This is a small company so no IT support exists and there is no Computer expert around.
No one has any username or password that works. At present the laptop is useless.
Pl advise how can my friend unlock his laptop.

1 Solution
pls tell how lock up it is... either it is locked at boot (bios screen) or at windows?
if bios, pls tell what is the brand of pc, may have to open up to remove the battery

if windowsxp, try press F8 at boot, and try to log in as administrator. then go to control panel->users->select user and delete the passwords

if windows 98/me/95... no need password.

you can also get yourself a winxp cd and boot it. reinstall everything.

If this is a windows 2000 or xp password, then this is no problem. Download the UBCD from http://ultimatebootcd.com and burn a CD from the image, boot this CD in the laptop and navigate to where you can reset the password. Windows 9x is even easier, just boot and press ESC when you are asked for a password.

The problem is, I don't really think you are talking about any such password. Notebooks can be secured with HD and BIOS passwords. If it is a HD password, the only thing you can try is to use every password you can think of, or change the disk. Some notebook manufacturers will unlock a HD password for you if you can prove it is yours and also the data on the disk is yours, and that will not be cheap, a new disk is cheaper.
If it is the BIOS password and your notebook isn't the newest model, you can try the following link:


Also here you might have a chance of getting the PC unlocked by the manufacturer if you can positivly prove it is yours, and again this might not be worth the time and money. Chances are you have a useless notebook (maybe your best option is to talk to this ex employee, maybe he will give you the password...).

Notebooks, since they can be easily moved around and often contain sensitive data, are often likely to be stolen, manufacturers have therefore increased the anti theft features making them useless for thiefs.
i am sure if the bios is locked u will have to reset the motherboard and when u reset the motherboard it will get its default values  .i don't think u will be able to do it by your-self
Here is a link to the best and easiest (and FREE) way I've found to "break in" to a Windows system:



is recovering the password really necessary? Is any important data on the PC? Recovering passwords is, in my experience, a hit and miss affair, as some versions of Windows encrypt data directories so that you may well hack into the account itself, only to find that you're unable to access the data on the drives.

If the data on the drive is not important, and your friend simply wants to use the laptop, just get him to reformat and re-install the operating system. That way he'll have a freshly installed laptop ready for his pleasure...


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