how can i connect a usb printer to a paralle port?

hi expert!

we have a hp laser jet printer 1010 usb and we want to connect it a the parallel port of the CPU... is a converter cable (from usb to parallel) available in the market? will the printer still work if we change the port setting?

putting a usb port card is not an option.


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Unfortunately, I think you're going to find that the answer to this is no, it is not possible.  

I think the only options you have are:

1) Get a parallel interface printer.
2) Add a USB port to the computer.

The "Pico" converter device mentioned above it NOT a general purpose parallel to USB adapter.  If you read its product description it says:

"...Pico parallel port products, it can not be used to with printers or other non Pico products. "

Any other similar devices will have the same problem.

I think posting the altavista search with the results, is better then simply posting a single link from then. and yes, its possible ;)
There are adapters to connect USB devices to Parallel ports. The link below shows you an example:

There may still be another problem though. I don't know the laserjet 1010Some USB printers need to be installed using the USB port. If the 1010 also works with standard laserjet or postscript drivers then it should be no problem.
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Greetings arnel1257!

I have number of experiance working with HP printers. Even though you get a card for that, there will be issues arrising out of nowhere. The convertors with printers are not welcome. However, if your computer does not have a USB port. You can install a PCI USB card and install printer. That is a good idea instead of using a convertor.
There are a variety of adapters that allow you to connect a parallel printer to a USB port--   but there are NOT general-purpose adapters to do what you want, which is to connect a USB printer to a parallel port.

You didn't describe much about your computer's setup, other than that adding a USB card is not an option.    I will assume from that, that your PC is a small-form-factor unit, and/or all of your PCI slots are used up.

Do you have *any* usb ports at all??   Even if all your USB ports are used up, you have an easy solution:  Just go buy an external USB hub.    The hub will allow you to add MORE usb devices to your computer.    Let's say you have a USB mouse and scanner connected to your USB ports now.   Just move the scanner cable to the hub, and move the hub's primary connection to where the scanner was plugged in initially.    Now that the hub is connected, you can add MORE usb devices as you see fit:  a USB printer, etc etc etc.

If you do not have ANY usb ports at all, and (as you said) you cannot add a card, you're basically hosed...  
have you thought about getting a usb printserver, though this assumes that you have access to a network

I agree that a C is way to low. And i even have the idea a B is to low, since B is: an acceptable solution, that needs some more work. This solution doesnt need any more work, since he also provided the alternatives that can be done.
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