www issue in webmail

Hello Everyone

I am using a cobalt webserver for both email & web service. and in the set up the settings are as follows

hostname: www
domain name:  domain.com
web server aliases:     domain.com
email server aliases:   domain.com

When I access the webmail (open webmail) the eails are all prefixed with www e.g the user shows as user@www.domain.com.

But if I send using outlook or outlook express as email client I am able to send and recieve from user@domain.com

I need to know how I can adjust it such that all users can access the webmail and their email addresses wil reflect user@domain.com on the openwebmail

Thank you
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sachin_21_leoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well!!!. I have used Sendmail with Webmail. I don't know if its similar to Openwebmail. If it is , then use this....

 For the user to send and receive his mail as user@domain.com, you have to see the settings of
in /etc/mail/senmail.mc file and recompile it using m4 prepocessor. If you are using any other mail server , then find out similar line using the documentation.

 Also , check the configurations of Squirrelmail using /usr/share/squirrelmail/conf.pl

Hope that you get some help from this.
leochan72Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have that problem with Squrrielmail before and the Squrrielmail have an option to change the display email address. I didn't use Open webmail but I guess it should be the same problem. Sorry cannot help much.

TimEliseoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume the problem you are describing is that when a user sends mail using Open Webmail the "From" address is by default @www.domain.com. Unless administratively prohibited in the Open WebMail configuration, each user can add new From addresses such as @domain.com, but this shouldn't be necessary. Open WebMail builds its initial list of From addresses by looking in /etc/mail/virtusertable for addresses that map to the mailbox name. If these are specified as user@www.domain.com, then this is the problem. (Open WebMail has other sources too, such as custom mapping files and a fallback to the hostname of the machine. I don't remember the exact algorithm.) It might just be that you shouldn't call your machine www.domain.com, but rather just domain.com with an alias for www.domain.com. I don't know Cobalt enough to tell you how to do this, but it may just be a matter of leaving the "hostname" setting blank or setting it to "domain.com" (which hopefully won't result in domain.com.domain.com).

Hope this helps,
cobubaAuthor Commented:
I discovered that because I was using cobalt server ther was no way I could input the  domain Iwanted to display. since IWas hosting multiple domains

So it was set to AUTO in the sendmail.cf and if set to auto it chooses the host name as prefix (in this case it is www)

thanks for the pointers to the sendmail.cf file
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