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I have server 2003 enterprise.  I have terminal services set up on the server.  I am able to login to the server using website.com/tsweb when on another computer in the network, but am unable to connect to the server from a computer off of the network ie. at home.  I can reach the website.com/tsweb login page, but when I type in the server name I get the following message;

"The client could not connect to the remote computer.  Remote computer connection might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections.It is also possible that network problems are preventing you connection.Please try connecting again later.  If the problem continues to occur, contact your administrator."

What do I need to do?
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pdxsrwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have to use IE as your Remote Desktop Client though.
You can run the Terminal Services Client, but the problem is still your firewall.. it won't work until you allow that traffic in.

What are you using for a firewall?

You can't just jump into a network's internal resources without setting specific permissions to allow this...otherwise anyone could get into your network and muck about.

On your router, are you forwarding port 3389 from the external IP to port 3389 of the internal IP of your terminal server?


The problem here is that the TSWEB page is *not* a proxy.

When your browser hits that page it loads an ActiveX control into the browser that effectively makes the browser a Remote Desktop Client.
Once the ActiveX is running any connection made to an RDP server is done from the browser.  Thus, if you can't see the target from your machine you can't RDP to that target.

The only way this will work is if you can connect directly to the target machine from your client.

Internally you should be able to connect to the machines on your network - externally I would expect a firewall of some sort to either block port 3389 or not forward it anywhere internally.


Dave Dietz
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