Unable to Change Font in Signature...

I have a signature for my emails but the option to change the font is greyed out. I have just reinstalled XP and Office 2003 and my standard signature was reinstalled using the ABF Outlook Backup program but the signature is in a different font from the way it was shown prior to the backup.

I can't access the font properties as they seem to be greyed out. Any idea's??

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madspireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You probably have your message format set as plain text.

Click Tools<Options<click on the Mail Format Tab and set your message format to Word or HTML
A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
Try deleting the signature.  Close Outlook.  Reopen and recreate the signature.  If theat doesn't do it try the advanced edit button.
dercossAuthor Commented:
That along with unticking the Word options seems to have done it, thanks...

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