Distorted application layout

I have a problem with a Delphi application (Delphi 7).

The application use a couple of panels, images and other gui elements... when running the application on most (99 %) of the pc's where it is installed, everything looks fine. However, on some machines the layout is highly distorted. (Panels are stretched horizontally and/or by 10-40%)...

So far this has happened on two Acer laptops. Both machines have had the same problem with another application developed earlier (also a Delphi application).

The problem is not the resolution on the machines, or the graphic card drivers...

Any ideas ?
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>The problem is not the resolution on the machines, or the graphic card drivers...
maybe great fonts?
Agree with Kretzschmar, check the settings on the computers in question

Right click on the desktop
click properties
got to the appearance tab

have a look at the Font Size combo

is it set to large or extra large,

this can really mess with screen layouts and in my experience very few programs handle this properly


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olefjeldAuthor Commented:
thanks for the replies. Tried to play around with the fotn settings, and other desktop settings on my own machine before running the application... besides from making my computer look horrible, it didnt change the application layout...

I don't have the laptops available here now, but i'll go through the settings on the "trouble machines" tomorrow. Let you know what happened then ...

Cheers !
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It may be ok on your pc since as I understand it these settings are tied into the video driver and not all manufacturers handle this properly, also check out themes

good luck

olefjeldAuthor Commented:
Perfect !!!

it worked... just had to change the ppt to normal at the laptops, and everything was back to normal...

Thanks alot guys !
glad you got it sorted ;-))
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