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Win2k Server + DNS problem

I have a Win2k server that up until yesterday was functioning fine.  Now DNS will not start which means every other service that depends on DNS will not start either.  I can browse our lan, ping other machines etc but can not get out to the internet.  When I try to use the DNS snap-in I get and Error 6.  I've tried switching cat5 cables, switching ports on the switch, installing SP4 without luck.  Nothing has changed on this server, no installs etc.  I did adjust group policy on Friday but that was it.  This server is set to reboot itself on Saturday.  That is when the errors started to occur.  Any assistance with this issue will be greatly appreciated.
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Leon FesterIT Project Change ManagerCommented:
Check the event viewer logs for any errors and post them here.
Have you tried to restart the service?  If not, click Start->Run->"services.msc"->OK.  Find the DNS server service and right-click->Restart.

Here is something I found which seems like it addresses your problem exactly:

"1. Insure that all the NICS only point to your internal DNS server(s) only
and none others.

2. In Network & Dialup properties, Advanced Menu item, Advanced Settings,
move the internal NIC (the network that AD is on) to the top of the binding
order (top of the list).

3. Disable NetBIOS on the outer NICs. May want
to take a look at this to stop NetBIOS on the RRAS interfaces (if it
296379 - How to Disable NetBIOS on an Incoming Remote Access Interface [Reg
Otherwise, RRAS or not, it will cause duplicate name errors because Windows
sees itself with multi names thru the Browser service but with different

4. Disable File and Print services and disable MS Client on the other NICs.
Uncheck reg this connection in DNS tab of IP properties/Advanced. Now if you
need these for whatever reason for resource access from clients, then you
would probably have to keep them on.


There are other things you can check.  See http://www.msusenet.com/archive/index.php/t-1869584349.html for more information.
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jeller2000Author Commented:
I've tried restarting DNS and get an error 6.  NICs are pointed to internal DNS.  Forwarders are set up for ISP DNS.  Checked the event logs.  DNS can't start, NETLOGON fails too.  I've tried reinstalling DNS without luck.  What about netdiag? Do you guys think this would help?
Could the problem be that either the name or the IP number of the computer on which your DNS service is running, has changed ?

In order to run, it has to find and resolve its own name first, either in a HOSTS file or via a DNS service.

jeller2000Author Commented:
Neither has changed, however since DNS can't/won't start the machine wouldn't be able to resolve anything, right?  This machine is what I consider my PDC.  I have 2 other servers that replicate with it.  The other 2 servers are now operating ok.  The 2nd server is dishing out DHCP.  My next step will be to uninstall/reinstall TCP/IP which is a big pain but I don't know what else to try.  I really don't want to rebuild this thing.
Perhaps rather than reinstalling TCP/IP, you could try and reset the IP stack.  Unless you've already tried that.  If not, open a command prompt and type:

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Then press enter.
Good luck!
Hi there!

Not sure I agree with you on the 'nothing has changed' comment.

You mentioned making changed to group policy on Friday and the server rebooting on Saturday.
If I understood the reboot, it does this each Saturday?

So, you have a one week window of possible changes to the system that take effect on reboot.

First, remove your group policy changes you made on Friday.  I wouldn't suspect that to be the culprit, however, it needs to be ruled out entirely.  Remove or reset your changes to what they were before.  And then Reboot.

Second, think hard about any other type of change.  Service Pack?  Hotfix?  Automatic updates?  Did you install anything at all?

Third, think hard about any possible setting that might have changed in that one week timeframe.  Anything at all involving DNS?  DHCP?  Any new services at all?

Fourth, if this server was used at all to surf the internet at all, you may want to check for spyware.

Fifth, really try and think about this stuff before diving into any serious fixes... you may do more harm than good if it was a simple oversight or something just forgotten about.

I knew a home handy man that spent two days working on a light fixture that stopped working.  Changed the switch, changed the ballast, rewired the thing, and then changed the lightbulb last...

jeller2000Author Commented:
We uninstalled/reinstalled TCP/IP now everything is back up and operational.

Thanks for all of your help!

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