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We have 3 x 2003 servers located in different locations using DFS.  At one location inparticular, random XP clients seem to choose the incorrect DFS drive on startup.

If I manually try and change it on the client (ie go to properties of the share, DFS, and set active) - I get an error 'parameter is incorrect'.  Sometimes restarting fixes this (temporarily), sometimes it doesnt.

it obviously slows users down a lot when this happens! let me know if more info is required

many thanks,
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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Duplicate Question. I will post a request in community support to remove one of the question.

One is here: -
olivesecurityAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I didnt realise. I have removed the duplicate.

Michael, thanks for your answer, I'll look into it tonight

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