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I have a problem here.

I want to share a folder with 8 users, 2 are Administrators and 6 users.

I want to make the folder so everyone has full access but only Administrators can delete.

I have set up permissions and set the users to deny delete, but the problem is that when they are working on a file, and they re safe the file it creates a tmp file, which now doesn't get deleted because I have not allowed them permission.

Is this something to do with the 'delete subolders and files' box, at the moment I have just ticked deny against 'delete' and left 'delete files and subfolders' unticked?

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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
By default, users are creator owner means they have full control on their file they save. They are working on a file and this creates a temp file. So i think temp file is created by the application itself and not user. Does the temp file is created only in the folder where users are working or in the default Temp folder? Let me know. One more thing i want to say....make them member of creator owner and see. CREATOR OWNER is a special group and is found when you assign permissions on files or folders.

Second thing...if Temp file is created by application itself then you can change the temp folder location from System applet.

Let us know your folder structure with permissions you assigned.
alanheatonAuthor Commented:
The file get created in the same location as the original. It saves it as a name that has no resemblence to the original.

The files are all based on Microsoft Office Programs

This folder is within another folder

The first level gives all users everything except full control,

Then the second level which is the one I want I have just ticked the deny against delete box. left them with all other rights
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