WWW3 or WWW2 ! why ?!

Hi buddys

i see many site have WWW3.SITE.COM and WWW2.SITE.COM
why and how they have WWW3 or 2 ?
or where i can get this service for my web site ?
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ctfisherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Indeed - they're hostnig thir website on multiple servers to as to provide load balancing (in that more requests for data are anticipated than 1 server could cope with) and redundancy - so that if a web server goes down there are others to take over whilst still being pointed to by 'www.domain.com' - this is controlled by whatever 'www.domain.com' points to..

If you imagine that ftp.domain.com might point to an ftp server, remote.domain.com a terminal server then www1,2,3,etc.domain.com simply point to serveral similar servers, all able to act as www.domain.com

Either add A-Names in DNS for the other servers or as internoc suggests, C-NAMEs - you ISP will advise you on how to proceed with this, although unless you actually do need to spread the workload across multiple webservers I would suggest this will cost money you don't need to be spending..
Big5250Connect With a Mentor Commented:
They are doing load balancing across multiple web servers to help handle the load as well as redundancy.  You can do it natively within your OS, or through 3rd party Load Balancers.

internocConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can easily get that service by asking your hosting company to create an extra name in the DNS, or by asking them to define an additional "Virtual Host".   This can be a so called CANONICAL NAME.

If you are doing your own hosting, I can explain you more in detail what to do.

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