Readonly checkbox question

What is the best way to make a checkbox readonly?
<INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" READONLY ... don't seem to work.

disabled does work, but I want it be black not gray. It's used for output only.
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<input type="checkbox" onclick="javascript:if(this.checked==true){this.checked=true;}else{this.checked=false}" <%=check%> >
I dont think it is possible. W3C hasnt come up with that option other like Readonly on checkbox.
No other go but to use "Disabled"....

A Quick Reference of <input> tag
This will do it

<input type="checkbox" onclick="this.checked=true" checked>
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Well I dont think that will reach to the anwer.

This will always make the checkbox checked.

ReadOnly does not necessarily mean "Always Checked". It can be Unchecked also.

ReadOnly => Either Checked Always / UnChecked Always.

But this idea can be extended little to get a final solution

  String check = "";
  if(condition.. based on logic)
    check = "checked";

<script language=JavaScript>
 function callme()
    var checkVal = '<%=check%>';
         // i.e, when the page is loaded the check box is unchecked
<form name=formname>
<input type=checkbox name=checkboxname onclick="javascript:callme()" <%=check%> >

Well even this will not solve the problem. Because,

The User who is seeing the screen will actually feel for a second that he is unchecking it and still it will get checked or vice versa.

Is that what the author wants ?
<input type="checkbox" onclick="this.checked=true" checked>   Results in always checked

<input type="checkbox" onclick="this.checked=false">   Results in always unchecked

If the Questioner is happy with this kind of answer,
 then I prefer giving/suggesting all points to GwynforWeb.
rj2Author Commented:
What seems to work for me is
<input type="checkbox" onclick="javascript:if(this.checked==true){this.checked=false;}else{this.checked=true}" checked>
It look like the state is changed before ths Javascript is called.

It's easier for me to use the same Javascript for all checkboxes regardless whether it is checked or not.
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