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Custom control design time rendering


Is there a way to show something at design time and another thing when the web page is actualy showed.
I have built a custom web control with a built in javascript pull down menu, it's working well but since the javascript is generated in the "render" event
nothing is showing at design time. What I'd like to do is to show a square with a label marking the position of the menu in design time but generating the real menu when the control is used in a page.
Is there a event or a condition occuring only in design time??


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Ah, this is a fun one.  What you'll have to do is create a ControlDesigner class for your control and override the GetDesignTimeHtml() method.  

Check out the following link:
hqdevAuthor Commented:
Great BurntSky! Thats exactly what I was looking for!


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