Excel start when i click on a new e-mail!!!

Hi Experts,

i have been a witness to something very weird... When i click on an "unread" e-mail in Outlook, the Excel start a king of initializing (as when excel is starting for the first time)... and then an error!!

What you must know:
Win XP Pro French with SP2
Office 2000 French (without Excel)
Excel 2000 English

I hope i'm clear... if you need more details, i'll be a pleasure!
Any help would be appreciate.

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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hmm....could be a difference in the French version, the button I am referring to is directly under one titled "change".  But if it is working now, good enough.
Sounds like your File Association is out of whack.  If you open Windows Explorer, then click TOOLS->FOLDER OPTIONS->FILE TYPES tab, and scroll down to MSG file.  Highlight it, click ADVANCED, then highlight OPEN and click on EDIT.  Does it say to open it with Outlook?
m_renaudAuthor Commented:
Hi traval,

there is no "Advanced" button when MSG file is Highlighted... there is a "Restore" button. And yes, the app linked to MSG file is Outlook.
Then i tried something else.  I set the desktop user right to Admin, i insert the Excel 2000 CD... to inialize... something!!!

For the moment, the problem seems to be solved...

I give you feedback! thank you.

m_renaudAuthor Commented:
the problem seems to be fixed by himself... i give you the points.. for helping me!
thank you!

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