Have a problem with seagate HDD

Please refer Q_21418313.html on this site - my seatools utility does not even bring up the results of a quick test - it just hangs ...even a Hitachi DFT returned a 0x70. I  want to know if the drive is really dead ? Is the data recoverable ? What are my options before I ask for a replacement ...the data is important for me and I am reluctant to turn it in soon ...
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most laptops today have a USB port, to which you can connect USB casings (get one for a 2.5" laptop disk), and into this casing you can put your laptop HD.
I'd try testing the Disk in another PC using the tools above. You could also download and use the UBCD from http://ultimatebootcd.com Which has the tools the important disk manufacturers and many more. It is pretty likely that another system won't hang.
praveenzAuthor Commented:
If I am able to connect the replacement drive to this laptop - how do I go about recovering data from the previously failed drive ? (if at all thats possible ? ) any thoughts ? How do i connect to the same laptop as slave (sorry I do not have access to another computer !! ) Is there anyway I can hook up through some external cables etc !? (I know this is kinda asking for too much but well - I am interested in recovering the data myself is thats possible ! )
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