Looking for hardware suggestions...

I've got a Windows 2003 Server system that will be acting as a backup server as well as a domain controller.
I've got Veritas Backup Exec 10.  I've also got about  15-20 systems (lot of road warriors whose laptops
aren't always around), including a few that  have over  200 gb worth of data the would be backed up on
a full backup.  I'd like to do incrementals or differentials on the weekdays, and full over the weekend.

Any suggestions on hardware?  Any horror stories to avoid?

High points for this question as I expect to end up splitting.
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I prefer the Quantum over the Exabyte because the DLT is a well seasoned technology with a very strong history, also they have been more trouble free from what I have seen.
I'm a big fan of differentials myself.  If the users don't have a tremendous amount of data that changes on a daily basis, it's the way to go.  Especially if you are running large tape (lto2, etc) or backup to Disk.  

Here is the reason, if you do incrementals, you have a lot more jobs, useally more tapes, and you have to restore all five if the loose a an entire drive.  Less headache if you use Diff's.  (unless you have tiny backup tapes and have to use more than one by friday).

Remeber that if the users have files open, (outlook PST's) they probably won't get backed up.  \

You may want to look into using W23K Volume Shadow Copy for one off file restores, if you have the disk space.

Other than open files, Veritas works very well.   (We have not used the version 10 Open file agent however.  It worked so poorly under 8.x and 9 we decided not to repurchase it.)

Good Luck.
For the hardware take a look at the SDLT and LTO libraries. Quantum has some lower end libraries that should do the job. Overland Data is another one to consider.

It was not asked for but on the software side there are backup products made just for laptops. Up front let me say I have not used one, I'm a long time ARCserve user and have heard about their product. Take a look at the link to get an idea of the special features it has and the special needs for backing up laptops as apposed to servers and desktops.

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Patrick_BaldwinAuthor Commented:
We actually have the Open File Option for Veritas, specifically so we can do backups of outlook.pst files.
I'll have to verify this actually works with Vertias 10; was it an intermittent failure issue with earlier versions,
or did it just always fail?

Does anyone have any suggestions for specific products from Quanum or Overland?

Patrick_BaldwinAuthor Commented:
At the moments, I'm eyeing:

Quantum ValueLoader tape autoloader - rack-mountable - DLT-VS80 320GB/640GB - external - SCSI - LVD - 2U. Part # BBX1231-03.


Exabyte VXA-2 PacketLoader 1x10 1U

Anyone have any information about these two models, or reliability info on Quantum vs. Exabyte in general?
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