Setting up a second file server

Ok, dont call me stupid, i just want expertise advise.

We have one server that is our File Server and Terminal Server.   We are adding another Server that will house our accounting software only.  
(1)  Now, I know I will have to add it to the Domain.............something like running ****prep? Is this correct.  I just want it to be a file server that can be accessed through the main server.
Which leads me into the second part of the question............................
(2)  Outside users terminal service into the current File server to access our old DOS acccountng software.  Could we keep the set up the same and have them log into the same server and cross over to the new file server to run the accounting software through a mapped drive that will put the exe run applicaiton file on their desktops?
(3)  And, when buying the other Server, will I have to buy user cals per users that need access to that server?
Does this sound logical?  
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JammyPakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) you don't need to run any ***prep - it's just going to be a member server in your can do that in the system properties (or properties of 'My Computer'). The thing that this will do is allow all domain user and group accounts to have permissions on the new server

2) hmmm....generally, when you run an executable over a mapped drive, the process and GUI is running on the server where the exe is...I don't see this working the way you'd like.

3) that depends, if you bought 'per seat' CALS, then there's one CAL purchased per client, and that let's them connect to as many servers as you have. (In that case, new no CALs are needed when you add serers) If you bought 'per server' CALS, then each client needs a CAL for each server (bad!). You can switch from 'per server' to 'per seat'...worthwhile if you see adding more servers in future
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