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Cisco router ip route command syntax

I want to add a subnet mask to my ip classless route. What is the syntax? I currently have

ip route permanent

I want to add a subnet mask of

1 Solution
I assume you are talking about adding a subnet mask for the gateway address?  If so, you do not need a subnet mask.  You only use a subnet mask on the destination network portion.  In your default route, the second set of 0's ( is the subnet mask portion of your route.
How can you add a mask of 25 bits to your default route? Then the route would be for traffic destined for addresses

The mask portion of the destination route is the 2nd set of octets. For example if the route was with a next hop of then the syntax would be
ip route

Incidentally, the "permanent" keyword does nothing for you in this case. Static routes are always permanent in that the route is always in the configuration. It's not like on a PC. On the router, it means that it will still try to route traffic to the next hop even if the interface that connects to it is down- probably not what you want.
AnimatorThreeAuthor Commented:
Dumb question. Thanks for the help tho!

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