read binary file to buffer using globalalloc/copymemory


Here is part of my code:

Open file For Binary Access Write As fileTemp
Put fileTemp, , m_version
m_FileNumber = fileTemp

If m_FileNumber <> 0 Then
        memory_handle = GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE, LOF(m_FileNumber))

        If memory_handle Then

            memory_pointer = GlobalLock(memory_handle)

            CopyMemory ByVal memory_pointer, m_FileNumber, _

            GlobalUnlock memory_handle

        End If

    End If


Is it the good way to do it?

And how can i watch the value that memory_pointer is pointing to?
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Assuming you want an array of bytes:

Dim hFile as integer
dim b() as Byte
hFile = FreeFile
Open file For Binary As hFile
redim b(lof(hfile)-1)
Get #hFile,, b
Close #hFile

If you don't want an array of bytes, then what is it you are trying to accomplish?

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The result of
CopyMemory ByVal memory_pointer, m_FileNumber, LOF(m_FileNumber)
is copying 4 bytes (if m_FileNumber is Long or 2 bytes if m_FileNumber is Integer) of probably useful data (value of m_FileNumber) plus
LOF(m_FileNumber) - 4 bytes of garbage
TungVanAuthor Commented:

I try to serialize/deserialize instance of object class to the memory in vb6...

One of its use is for clipboard:

I want to serialize the object to the memory, and pass the memory pointer to the clipboard for copying
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