Rename file NTFS permission?

Is there a way to set NTFS permissions so that a group can rename a file but not delete or move it?  It seems that a rename is actually a delete/create?  I want this group to be able to create folders and files AND be able to rename them to whatever they want which is logical.
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Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
No, the ability to write date (i.e. create files/folders) is the next level above read only. This level only allows one to add information not change anything. The next permissions level (sometimes called "change") includes the ability to rename, delete, move, and edit.

Permissions in this order are:
Denied Access (Deny)
No Access Specified  (None)
Read (View)
Write (Add)
Change (Modify)
Manage (Permissions)
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