How to Ghost an OS

Can someone explain in simple terms to me the procedure for using Ghost Corp Ed. to copy an image up to a server and be able to pull that image back to other identicle pc's across a LAN?
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Couldn't be any easier and faster than using Acronis Trueimage!


Managing Disk Partitions Over the Network with Ghost Corporate Edition

Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
You have to first create a Ghost Boot disk

I normally create a drive mapping boot disk using the Ghost Boot Wizard.
PS! Download the NDIS driver for the NIC of the workstation/laptop use you going to image.

This disk will allow you boot via DOS, and then authenicate to the domain, and map a drive to a share on a server.

EG: X:\Servername\ghost\images

Once you have authenticated you then run the ghost.exe from the share location [normally contains all Ghost Program Files]
Then you use Ghost to create an image of either the entire drive or a specific partition.

Once that has completed successfully, you use the same procedure to pull down an image from the Server to a workstation/laptop that needs to be imaged.

You can pull down the same image for multiple workstations/images at the same time.

With Ghost corp Edt you have the option to distribute the image created to various machines based on MAC address, and various other methods. I prefer MAC address method, as only 1 NIC has 1 MAC, therefore eliminates deployment errors.

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To create a network boot floppy :

About Boot Disks :

Do you want to use the Ghost Server ?
Then run it and fill each fields.
Load the computer with the Boot Disk.
Choose Multicast (?) after booting.
The .gho image will be created on the server.
You also need to replace the b44.dos with your NDIS driver from the Experts-Exchange's thread i give above.
abollaAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  I ended up using Trueimage and it works really well and fast.
:o)  I am glad that it worked out well for you!  I too had problems with ghost before, but after I discovered Acronis TrueImage I never looked back.
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