How is the HP Printer Status routed back to the Print Server

We have a number of HP Printers (Laserjet 4000 Series) setup as Network printers on Windows Server 2000.

What happens periodically is at the users workstations (Windows XP Pro) the printer status says Out of Paper. When Paper is Loaded back into the Printer,
It takes sometimes 20-30 minutes before the status changes. Stopping and starting the Spooler Service on the Print Server fixes the printer problem. I would like to know what the mechanism is that routes the status message back to the Print Server when the printer status Changes.

These are printers set up using TCP not DLC and connected to a Cisco Switch set up with VLANS.

It seems the printers that we are problems with are in different VLANS.

Any help suggestions would be appreciated.
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pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe the print servers poll the printers.  So, it might be a poll interval on the print server that needs to be updated.  I think when you stop and restart the service, this causes a "poll now" instance to occur, which updates the software.  I'm not a server admin, so I haven't worked with them in a while.  I could be totally off base ... ;)
Thanks! What was the problem?
RHAGGEAuthor Commented:
Im not sure, We installed a number of Xerox Printer / copiers and the problem does'nt seen to happen as often. We were running an older driver on the W2K Print Server and we also upgraded our print server to Win2003. I gues we will wait and see what happens.
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