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I have put this question in 2003 OS, but not sure if its the correct category.

I am looking at implementing a Server for an Internet Cafe, which would need Web Caching so that users can access the web pages quickly and bandwidth control, but they won't actually be logged in to the server as a domain user, just using it as a proxy.

The users will have fixed IP's and will be configured with a Gateway for an Internet connection

I have two questions

Question 1

I was thinking of using Windows SBS 2003 Premium, would this do what I need

Question 2

There will be about 50 users, but what quantity of licenses would I need as the users won't actually be logging in to the server, just using it as a gateway or proxy server.

I hope I have explained this enough to be understood.

Thanks for your help


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There are a number of differences between SBS and Windows Server.

SBS is essentially a "bundle" of MS products, including Windows Server, Exchange and ISA

It's a way for small businesses to buy the suite of server applications, for small-scale deployment.
There are of course a number of limitations in it - such as you can't have more than 75 users and you can't add it into another domain.

Whether or not it's the right thing for you, does depend on your detailed requirements.  Based on what you've said so far though, it sounds like it'll do the trick.
Back to the LAR thing though - if you explain to them exactly what you want to achieve, they can make sure that you're looking at the right versions, options and licencing models.
Very good questions indeed!

You can find out more about SBS licencing at
There's further info and pricing at

Microsoft say that you need CALs (Client Access Licences) for any device or user that accesses the "Server Software".

When you said "users", did you mean devices - or named people?  That will make a difference as to how you licence the box.

Your best bet is to speak to your local MS LAR (Large Account Reseller) to make sure that you get the best deal for your setup.

Alternatively, if you just want a web-caching system, it might be worth you looking into some open-source software such as Squid -

Any help?
Steveh24Author Commented:

Thanks scampgb

I guess I was always going to have to talk to an official MS Disty to get the official answer on licensing.

What about using SBS 2003 Premium, would this do what I want, do you know what the difference between sbs and server standard edition are.

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could go for w2k3 server and isa2004 server its a per processor license i think. and x amount of cals for the server connection, plus isa server will do all the web caching for you, ive used this feature before, it pretty good., theres a guide there about web caching, you can string 5 or 6 servers along in an array, and they would all refresh there caches at midnight to 6am .

hope helps
Steveh24Author Commented:

Thanks scampgb, I think you have answered my questions, so please accept 125 points

mleman - thanks for your input, but I really wanted to avoid that option as it becomes very expensive as ISA Server on its own is nearly a grand.
Glad I could help :-)
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