Connecting from Windows Server to Unix NFS share

i'm clueless about this since i'm not a unix guy.  Basically, i have a network admin on another network who has set up an NFS share for me to dump some files from my network too.  He sent me the command i would use to mount it in unix-speak but that doesn't help my windows server which needs to mount to this NFS share.  i installed the cliente for NFS piece of the Windows services for unix package but i have no idea how to plug in the below:
mount /localmountpoint

any ideas?
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nfs gateway for windows.

or just ftp.
onsite_techAuthor Commented:
I cant do FTP as there are scheduled file transfers that need to occur between these two files and the scripts that do it dont support FTP.  so its NFS or bust

I went to the link and looked at the steps.  i'm stuck on typing in the below command:
gwshare add -d drive_letter -n \\nfsserver\export -s share_name
i bascially wrote this in as the command i'm typing:
gwshare add -d Z: -n \\\export -s export

But its saying network name cannot be found (even though i can ping the box).  the one thing of note is that his network and my network are at the same physical location but we pass through a few routers to get to each other (routers he owns, i piggy-back off of) so we arn't on the same broadcast/subnet domain...
have you tried entering the ip address of the server, and not the domainname?
onsite_techAuthor Commented:
gives me the same error when i replace with the ip address (as far as i'm aware there is no NATing here by the way)
onsite_techAuthor Commented:
i went through the GUI for the gateway thing and connected to just the name nfsshare (after putting the IP and the name nfsshare in my hosts file) with no slashes or anything, and it picked up the remote server.  so it all works now.  thanks for the help!
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