Stop outlook displaying email "sent on Behalf of"


I have some users that want to be able to send from two domains ie and

The users main profile is setup on and wants to be able to send email from as well. I have set up an extra user/mailbox on active dir and given the full permissions to The user now has both mailboxes in their profile in outlook.

The problem is that when sending and email (selecting the from address by selecting the user options>from) the email arrives at the destination with " on behalf of"

Is there any way to just send it as with no "behalf" ??!!

setup Exchange 2003 / server 2003 / outlook 2003
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Hi huziy,
You can configure users to have "Send on behalf of" or "Send as" permissions.
If they're set to have "send as" permissions, you don't get the "on behalf of message"

This was answered very well in the PAQ: http:Q_20896509.html "Problems with send on behalf of  on exchange 2003"

The accepted answer was a reference to an MS article;%5BLN%5D;327000

Does that help?
huziyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. have tried that but i get an error saying that the user does not have the correct permissions to send the email.

I have waited for the permissions to replicate but still no joy.

any thoughts? the only way i can make it work is to set the send on behalf of settings
Are you sure that the user has "Send as" permissions, not "Send on behalf of"?

What happens when the user tries to send an email as someone else?

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The other problem with exchange is that random DENY privlidges override existing allow privlidges.  You need to go through your entire multilevel permission with a fine tooth comb.  The above answer is correct, but you may have conflicting permission sets.
huziyAuthor Commented:
thanks.. all sorted the above is correct although there where some replication problems stopping the security getting around.. thanks for the help.
Glad I could help :)
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