Lost 8 months worth of emails outlook express

Hi I never have used the default store folder for oe, for obvious reasons. backup folder on seperate drive. Upgraded & reinstalled, applying recent hotfix's (mmmm)

Whether I compacted or what whilst reconfiguring I dont know. Missing in & sent items from 28/9/04 till yesterday.

Searched *.dbx & put them all in the same folder & tried to import....nothing. Running X1 & still cant find em.

Must be here somewhere, logical drive unchanged......HELP !!??
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try downloading and installing dbxtract.  Then you can run that against whatever inbox.dbx files that you have and if the emails are there, it will extract them out.  Just search the internet on Google or Dogpile.com for "dbxtract", you'll find a site to download it from.  I think there's even a newer tool out by the same guy.  The site used to be "scochran.something....".  I have to run right now, but let me know if you don't find it.  Thanks.

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