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Running out of drive letters

Okay, I have a lot of stuff going on -- several hard drives, 2 DVD burners, networked drives, media card readers etc. My problem is that I am starting to run out of drive letters. What do I do when I run out? Can I consolidate some of them or make a drive appear as a folder?

-- ScribbleMeat
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Wow. Thats a lot of drives if you've used up all the letters.

If I was to run out I'd start mounting drives as NTDS mount points. To see what I mean, create a folder on your desktop. Call it whatever you want.

Go to system properties in the control panel and go to disk management...right click one of your drives you use for storage and choose "Change drive letter and paths"
Here, click the "Add" button. Choose "Mount in the following NTFS folder" and browse to the folder you just created. Click ok. Remove the drive letter assigned to this drive with the "remove" button. Click ok.

Now check out the folder on your desktop...notice it is actually your hard drive, and it isn't taking a drive letter either.

You could also use disk management to create some software raid configurations to merge a few drives into one letter.

hope this helps.
Or, instead of using mapped drive letters to network shares, you could use Network Places instead.  In a business environment, when providing user support, it's much easier to talk to users about UNC paths than try and figure out what "I can't get to the J: drive" means.
ScribbleMeatAuthor Commented:
No objection here.
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