FEDORA CORE 3 Hardware Spec

I am a newbie to Linux coming from a hardcore windows background so please forgive any future silly questions asked !!

I am installing third party search engine software on Red Hat Fedora Core 3 operating system but i need to build up a rackmount hardware server first but i am nervous as to what brands work or do not work ?!

I know a need the following:  -

At least 1 GB of RAM
Raid 5

Not sure of the following:  -

Raid 5 (Want to go for SATA and Western Digital Raptor 10000 rpm)

Intel Xeon or P4's (What works best, duals would be nice)
Motherboard (ASUS, TYAN, INTEL ?) what works best ?

Any help would be much appreciated (eg example specs and advice)



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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> Red Hat Fedora Core 3 operating system
I built the FC3 on Intel S875WP1-E (P4) motherboard with SATA RAID 1 disks without problem.
As for SATA RAID5, you might need to buy 3ware 9000 series SATA RAID controller.

I suggest you build the OS on the RAID1 (mirror) onborad RAID. Then put the data on the RAID 5 disks (3+ disks).

If you want a brand name, then HP DL320 with SATA RAID0 or RAID1
or Dell PowerEdge 750.

Most of server class use SCSI hard disks for RAID5.
jturkingtonAuthor Commented:
Thanks wesly_chen

I think i will custom build it

I will use the  Intel S875WP1-E (P4)

But what basic graphics card should i use as it has no onboard ?

If just for server, then ATI rage, rage pro, rage 128, mach64 chip are well supported on Linux.
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