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We currently have Exchange 5.5 running on a NT 4.0 server.  We want to migrate to a Windows 2000 server still using Exchange 5.5.  We are on an NT domain, I've been trying to find information on doing this but had little luck.  Most articles I've read mention Active Directory but I don't think we have Active Directory.  If anybody knows how to go about doing this it would be greatly appreciated.
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If you stay with Exchange 5.5 you should just be able to move over the database to the 2k server and install exchange, then set it up to use the correct data files. There isn't really anything to migrate that way. Why do you go from one ancient (NT) OS to an outdated (2000) OS and not directly to win2k3? Also If you would use a more modern version of exchange, you could use Active Dir to manage all your user data and exchange data centraly. If you don't use an AD domain, you have double work with usermanagement. How many exchange users do you have? How big are the mailboxes going to be? Exchange 5.5 I think has a store limit of 15GB (correct me if that isn't true), and the more new versions don't have that limit, or at least it is set much higher.
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