Trying to create a querydef in an access 2000 database with

    Dim acapp As New Access.Application
        Dim strName As String = "Query1"
        Dim strSQL As String = "SELECT Div, ReportDate, theDesc, Sum(Unit) AS SumOfUnit, Sum(Total) AS SumOfTotal " & _
        "FROM unionReconciliationPKMSWSSR_Report " & _
        "GROUP BY Div, ReportDate, theDesc " & _
        "HAVING (((ReportDate) Between #4/25/2005# And #5/1/2005#)) " & _
        "ORDER BY Div, ReportDate, theDesc;"

        Dim qdfTemp As DAO.QueryDef

        With acapp
            .OpenCurrentDatabase(cdir & "\WSSR_PKMS_Balancing.mdb")

            qdfTemp = DAO.Database.CreateQueryDef()

            qdfTemp.Name = strName
            qdfTemp.SQL = strSQL


            CreateNewQuery = qdfTemp

        End With

I am getting the following error:

reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference

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What line is giving you the error?
I don't yet do .net but from what I have heard it does not support DAO, so it could be that your "DAO.QueryDef" is causing the trouble.
What is


I do not recall it but, just from the code, it looks like it might be a member of acapp.  In which case it probably needs to be

.CreateNewQuery = qdfTemp

Just a guess.

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