Ecommerce - Shopping Cart, Order Management, Affiliates, Advanced Catalog Config

I looking for some high end ecommerce applications written in Coldfusion, preferrably something with source so i can enhance where needed. I am not looking for some ez shop cart app but something full featured that can compete with the more searious online stores..

Any recommendations?
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In the past, like 4 to 5 years ago before I wrote my own, I dealt with  It was a good product that did the job very well.
Well you can try which integrates with Dreamweaver and multiple server side languages (cold fusion, asp, etc)

You can try writing your own based off of the free samples in the Cold Fusion Web Application Construction Kit by Forta  (good examples in 5th edition - haven't yet checked out MX 7 edition (version 6 I think))

It actually is easily expandable to very complex situations.
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