Files not updating on live site after transferring updates

We have been using Dreamweaver to develope our website and have come up with a problem that no one seems to have an answer to.

We updated a page for our website locally and then transferred the file to our live site.  The only change was to add a link to a pdf file.  We told it to include dependent files when the file was transferred over to the live site.

When we view the website it does not show the change at all.  We have refreshed and cleared the cache with no luck.

To make things even more odd, if we view the file on the live site in dreamweaver it shows the updated page and the link to the pdf works as well.

Why will the website not show the updates?

Any help you can give would be appreciated beyond belief!

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sky99yahooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One way I did was to write all my pages as dynamic pages..

This is because the server will not cache dynamic pages.

This is not an optimal solution for the network usage, but I dont care, since I am paying for unlimited bandwidth.

To go to extreme, I sometimes even name my css files as .php extensions to force the web servers to not cache my old css files..
Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
3 posibilities:

1. Server Side Cache. Some server like even IIS can make a site setting whether the content can expired or not (Enable Content Expiration). Make sure your web server is configured correctly so that there is not Server Side Cache.

2. Client Side Cache. Do this to test:

   1. Clear the browser cache and try again.
   2. Even try the same thing on different browsers.
   3. If it's a proxy problem, try restart the proxy server.

3. Make sure the link is correct and files are uploaded to correct place.

mtechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have come across exactly the same problem and it turned out to be the files being cached on the web server and cleared after about 24hrs - very annoying though.
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