change the date in CMOS for Toshiba Laptop

How can I change the date and time in the CMOS for Toshiba Tecra 8100 Laptop, I looked everywhere in the BIOS screen but couldn't find it.
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Typically, the operating system allows you to set the clock.  It's been a long time since I remember seeing a BIOS that does it...

If you are using Windows, double-click on the clock in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.  You can set the time for the system with the utility that pops up.  From a DOS prompt, you can type "time" to set the clock as well.

  I would have to disagree with stengelj, the norm is for the bios to be able to set the time, the day, the month and the year. Are you sure that there is not a next page by pressing a key.
Dis you try Toshibas web site, maybe an email to their tech support or a phone call, whats long distance now with cell phones.
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what version of Bios are you running.  Here is the latest 2.5  Upgrade and see if you see the time now.  It should be on the first page.
You can type DATE or TIME from the run box to set date and time as needed.

Optionally Date and Time can be set on the very first page of the BIOS. Scroll down or use the help key function to check for details.

maxncaAuthor Commented:
the problem after I installed the windows and I left it running for about 15 min I tried to restart the computer, it gave me an error CMOS date format.!! and that is why I want to change the date on my CMOS because after I installed the windows XP, and the date changed in CMOS so My windows XP locked me out because the date for the activation changed backword.
What a nice MS feature... I'm almost willing to bet the BIOS setup has a date/time adjusment facility, but you'd need to find it in the setup program. Or boot the machine with a
more cooperative O/S (anything will do, I think; DOS, Knoppix...) and set the time from within that O/S.

If you have a CMOS date format for real, you may have to reset the CMOS.
If you are locked out by the WPA 'feature', changing you clock is probably not going to help.  Once this flag is set, I don't think you have many options but to do a phone activation (this should be an option when it tells you that you are locked out I think).
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