NT 4.0 Server SP6a will no longer load XP drivers for network printers

I have a client with an NT 4.0 SP6a server.  They have been using LPR to setup the printers locally on the NT server, making them network printers.  All clients are XP SP2 (about 300).  

For awhile, we had been setting these up by downloading the XP drivers for the printer and then using those on the NT server.  Lately the newer drivers will not allow this type of install.  

The error is of course, this driver is not made for this Operating System...makes sense.

So, we wanted to upgrade the server to 2003 but the user won't hear of it....

Since the printer has to be on the server, but XP needs the driver for itself, is there a way to make the XP machines load a driver that can be uploaded to the NT server that it will accept?

Or any other ideas?

I thought about making the XP machine use the local port LPT...but how does it take on the IP address of the printers from the NT server?  
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dgore1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Actually I have found the answer and it isn't pretty.

Here's how it works for HP's only.  Lexmark and others are even more difficult...

First you need to make sure you add the TCP/IP port manager to your NT 4.0 server.  This is normally on the CD for JetDirect cards.  Install this.

Then, setup your printer but choose the HP TCP/IP standard Port option...load the printer driver for or say an HPLJet4...

Goto an XP machine and install the drivers for installing the printer to a standard TCP/IP port on the XP machine.  Share the drivers folder on the XP machine, and call it printers or something catchy.

Now do a \\servername and connect to your NT server.  Go to the printers and fax folders on the NT server double click the folder, and find the offending printer...right click and choose the sharing option....then look for the advanced tab...install the XP driver...remember to browse to the shared folder on the XP machine for the drivers(for some reason it won't install correctly from the NT server)...now the drivers will install and if you view it from the XP machine you'll have the new drivers...

Lastly, go to the NT server...if you view the printer drivers from here, they will still show as HPLjet4....click on change driver and navigate to find the newly installed HP driver and bingo, you have XP drivers loaded...

Wow...so much easier to upgrade, isn't it....This may convince the client to upgrade to 2003!!

Thanks for the suggestions!!!
Try to install the XP printer drivers on the NT server using the procedure described here:
How to Install a Windows 2000 Printer Driver or a Windows XP Printer Driver in Windows NT 4.O for Point and Print Functionality
dgore1Author Commented:
Yup....already been there....It seems to work like a charm...but when I click on apply or OK...I get the error
Printer seetings could not be saved.  Windows cannot locate a suitable printer driver.  Contact your administrator for help locating and installing a suitable driver.

So I've tried loading the drivers from the CD from the XP workstation....from the Hard Drive on the XP workstation....and even copying them onto the server...no luck...

Any ideas?
Does the server now do this for all drivers, or only for the latest ones? What type of printers and drivers are you trying to install?
Try accessing the manufacturers webpage. Some have combined drivers into single packages, and some have the drivers installable from their website itself. This has worked for me.

If you can also get an option to run or download, try both. Run to see if it works. Download, so you can move it where it'll more more accessible to your other units.
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