Write Once Read Many (WORM) tape solutions

I have a client that needs to conform to SEC regulations regarding document retention. Due to budget constraints they need to purchase a tape unit that will perform WORM. I have read several articles regarding SDLT 600, LTO-3 and Sony's AIT technologies, but i wanted to know if anyone has any real world experience with these devices. If you tell me what your experience has been with these or other units including speed, reliability and what backup software you are utilizing it would be greatly appreciated.


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I have supported clients using all three. It may be no fault of Sony but their AIT has had the most problems. Both the LTO and SDLT from my experience have been totally reliable.

The SDLT are my favorite. The thing that puts them on the top of my list is that it used standard tapes.
The other two only work with special tapes that in my opinion are way over priced. Quantum got it to work with standard tapes that once they are written to as WORM they stay that way.

I have not done any formal testing but from casual observation there is no difference in throughput when using WORM tape.

As for the software it has been ARCserve. The current version 11.1 supports WORM and the next version (I've been on the beta program) has what I call complete support for WORM. Meaning the tapes are recognized, displayed with a special icon for easy recognition, dealt with properly in job rotation and database.
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