why would someone want 1000 copies of a newspaper?

I am looking for opinions, ideas, etc. on this subject.
I am aware of  someone in another part of the country who buys newspapers from a newspaper company. He does this to get the Sunday inserts, all the pharmacy ads, kmart, target, coupon books, etc.
He buys them buy the 100's sometimes as many as 1000.
The opinions and ideas I want are to find out what reasons someone might give the newspaper company when approaching them for such quantities of papers.
I need serious answers and no gag answers like I raise cats and they use the bathroom alot, etc.
Would the paper company go for an answer like...I sell them.....or I give away (maybe give them to shutins and people who can not afford to subscribe), etc.
I need better answers than that. Just what kinds of answers would satisfy the paper company to the point that they would have no problem selling this individual as many papers as they want.
I'll start this at 500 points and hope to award the top 5 responses with 100 points each.
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Newpapers make their money from the advertisement contained in their papers.  The higher circulation they can report, the more they can charge for advertisement.   I can't see why they wouldn't be more than happy to sell you 100 papers at a time.  Have you asked them and been rejected?  

My suggestion is to call them up and say, "I am interested in maybe 100 paper each week. Do you offer a bulk rate?"

This make them answer a question instead of ask one (maybe).  If they ask "Why?", ask, "Does it matter?"

Perhaps it is part of a market research program.  This person could be purchasing the papers to give to data entry people to enter product/pricing information into a database.  I could see using that information to then publish a consumer web site or selling the raw data to marketing firms.
nickg5Author Commented:
They are buying these 100's of Sunday papers every week and they are selling parts of the paper. I am not sure if your idea would work for a week after week, indefinite purchase of papers.
Maybe it would, though. I could use 100 or so of these papers myself, week after week.  I am looking for ways to explain why I need them to the newspaper company. They might want to know more details than I can provide on the market research program.
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Why do you think they would *not* want sell their papers in bulk?  I really don't see what the issue is. Are you trying to do something you ought not be doing?  We can't help with that you know.

- Some hotels/resorts purchase papers for all of their guests.
nickg5Author Commented:
nothing inappropraite at all. The person trades and sells the coupon books and pharmacy ads found in the Sunday papers. They do it by the 1000's, I was interested in maybe 100 each week, to trade and share with my family and friends, and neighbors. Using coupons, etc.to save money on food and non food items and trading them for coupons you need.
There are countless websites for trading these. I just wanted a good reason to approach the newspaper company.  
um...  are you talking fresh or stale versions ...if the paper is yesterdays, my guess (and I'm pretty sure about it it) is that it's not worth the original  issuer of the periodical to retrieve/recycle/resell it.  It's  going to be a rare event when the periodical/newspaper guys underpublish.  (Princess Di, 911 ...tsunami )
If it's coupon cutting, most of the specials  run for more than 24 hours..I don't think that's what is going on.   .and given the value of recyclable  newsprint, unless the folks publishing the stuff are also recycling it,  they would be thrilled to get rid of it.  
....if the.....whoa...holdon....sunday inserts are free.  
My paperboy/paperman's complaint about ten or so years ago was that he was given a flat rate delivery price for the paper and then ... when the advertisers  wanted to do an insert in the Saturday paper, in his case, he was given x money to take the newspaper and insert their weekend flyer into it.  
He quit the job ... 45 years old or so with  a disability pension.....my point is that  you should not have to pay any money at all .  

 " Just what kinds of answers would satisfy the paper company to the point that they would have no problem selling this individual as many papers as they want."...     selling or giving?....I assume you mean how do I get free newspapers/periodicals?  
Hot off the press...no way unless you have a contact.
but if it's only coupon clipping from weekend editions, I don't understand your question.  
Ever see the movie called
"First 50 Dates" ith Adam Sandler?


well...  I work for a newspaper company.  And we don't care why someone buys papers.  

As long as we get our money and our distribution number goes up, we don't care why people buy the paper.
In my opinion, the person who's buying the newspapers will sell everything to the neighbours for example with an extra for the delivery home or something like this.

Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
Surely large retailers will order newspaper copies in bulk, if they dont sell them all I believe they send them back  for a refund. If there were no returns from someone then the newspaper company should be pleased to do business.
Often the inserts get delivered in a separate package for the retailer to put in the papers themselves so this ought to ease the job of separating them out - for a large regular order they may even be able to send all the inserts in separate packages.
Another thought, maybe the advertisers would be prepared to send coupons directly, it's only advertising and if they know the ads (buy one get one free type) are being shipped out to individuals they might gain by not paying the newspaper.
Are all copies delivered to the same address? Perhaps it is a large firm which buys in bulk for different locations.

Some firms also give to their staff or their customers newspapers for free as an extra service (think eg. about the newspapers given on airplanes or hotels).

It could be to increase the flow of the newspaper (for eg. advertisement strategy, ranking etc.) In that case there is maybe some hidden relation between the compagny and the newspaper compagny.
J-A-L beat me to my first thought - you need to see 50 First Dates.

Otherwise, maybe a school is getting them for a certain class/grade to work on a "Current Events" project?
nickg5Author Commented:
the inserts are what I am after, the rest will be thrown away. I could use it the day after it is published or even a few days or a week later. Sunday paper only. Since I would want a "quantity" every week, the reason given, if asked, must justify an ever week thing. I can see the point about they would love to get rid of or sell past issues, etc.
I'll approach the local paper by e-mail and inquire as to the availability of current or older papers in bulk.
I have bought a needed back issue before and they charged my full price. The Sunday paper is a $1 and I could not afford anything close to that.
I have noticed they throw away alot of currents and past issues but the quantity of inserts thrown out is low, maybe 10-20.
The other person I referred too was selling inserts for 25 cents, so they must be getting them alot cheaper than that. I do not want them to sell. I want them to trade, give away, and use....the coupons that is.

I also wonder where do the newspapers get the coupon books. That is a source I'd like, just buy the coupon books and forget the whole paper.
Don't be too surprised if the newspaper people seem suspicious of your motive.  I used to see empty newspaper stands near Wash, DC metro and someone conveniently selling a stack of newspapers nearby.  I wonder if they paid the $0.50/paper from the stand????
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
I would maybe approach the coupon company (or the places where the coupons are valid) directly and suggest that you could distribute their coupons - maybe even for a fee as they will be paying the newspapers for this service. Of course if the coupons don't actually get used then they may have an issue with that. But these things are only printed to bring in customers and if you are helping find them more customers then that should be good for all parties. The coupons should have some references on them, printers, suppliers and of course the final outlet - restaurant or store so maybe an anonymous phone call or two to these might lead you to a supply.

Nah... take the easy route.  Get a job at your local newspaper working for the Packaging and Distribution department.  When I worked in that department I would read about all of the sales and coupons and stuff on Monday's and Tuesdays a week before they hit the news-stands.

You have to be a bit careful though, one guy was caught stealing free coupons for McDonald's and was fired.
nickg5Author Commented:
I do not put 25 cents in the paper box and take 5.
I have no interest in working for the newspaper company, or stealing coupon books as an employee.

The company that prints and provides them to the newspapers might sell them but I do not know who prints these coupon books.
Personally speaking, I have worked for a Media Monitoring Company.

Their operation involved buying two or three (that's right 2 or 3) copies a day, cutting & scanning articles
based upon keywords given to them by clients.  I don't think someone would buy as many as a thousand
copies of a newspaper a day solely for this reason.

Usually, when buying in bulk, there is no reason needed.  Companies are usually happy to supply their stock
as long as they get paid for it.  They may however ask for some sort of company name etc for their books.

People that would be in the market for multiple copies of a newspaper include: people looking for loads of
coupons (although this may be a false economy), people entering competitions where there is a certain part
of the newspaper needed (and as many of these as possible collected), or they simply could be selling the

Hope this gives you some insight in addition to the other answers already posted.

nickg5Author Commented:
The person who gets about 1000 each week, the Sunday paper only, their purpose is to get the coupon books out of the inserts.

I contacted my two paper companies. One said no to selling me 100 inserts, and they can let me have 100 Sunday papers for $1 each. I can buy them from the person with the 1000 coupons books for 25 cents each.

The other newspaper wanted to know the purpose of the papers, how they would be used.

Hey, Nick - if the inserts are what you're after, do the planet a favor and see if you can just buy the inserts.

When I used to get the newspaper, the inserts were ALWAYS the first thing I'd throw out (followed closely by the classifieds and sports sections - unless it was USA Today, which would just go into the trash in its entirety).

If you can't just get hold of the inserts, there are probably more than a few people who only want the "meat" of the paper.

Incidentally, I've heard anectdotal reports that some newspapers are delivering to people who don't subscribe just to increase their circulation.....of course, people who say that usually have an axe to grind (usually accusing the paper of being "left-wing" - despite the fact that every 4 years they endorse the Republican candidate for President).

I'd call up their subscription desk and talk to them.   They're in the business of selling newspaper, and like Tad said, I can't imagine them caring what your motive is in purchasing it.
nickg5Author Commented:
I heard from the 2 local papers
1. will not sell inserts, will sell the entire paper for $1.00 each
2. will not sell inserts, bulk papers do not include inserts, entire Sunday paper $1.50

I can buy inserts from people online for 15 to 25 cents each, so papers are out.
I thought they might want to sell what they throw out a week or so after the date the paper was published.
nickg5Author Commented:

the person I mentioned at the top, gets about 1000 coupon books each Sunday. He buys them from the newspaper company. Whether they are having to buy the whole papaer or not, and their cost, I do not know. I am not in a position to ask this person who is not a friend, etc.
interesting... the fact that the newspaper will not sell in bulk with the coupon books would imply that there may be another company involved in the printing of the booklets.  this company would have a deal with the newspaper for distributing coupon booklets with specific newspapers (ie only on sunday) or possibly distribute different booklets in different areas.

if you do decide to buy coupons online, make sure you know that the coupons are both valid (time wise) and that you can use them in your area.

good luck.

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