Error when running message tracking - Unexpected Error Occured ID no: 8000FFFF Microsoft Exchange Management

When running message tracking, whenever we track the message to the outbound gateway server we get the error:

"An Unexpected Error Occurred.  Id no: 8000ffff Microsoft Exchange Management"

All other servers we can track the messages onto fine, so obviously the message tracking on this one server is having issues.  I have turned off and back on message tracking to no avail.  Rebooted the server and no luck.  There is nothing in the event logs when this error occurs.  The message tracking logs are present and they are readable by wordpad.  I am in serious need of tracking some outbound messages and doing this via wordpad isn't going to cut it.  Any ideas are appriciated.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My instinct is that one of the message tracking logs are corrupt.

Disable message tracking, then flush out the files. Restart message tracking and see what happens.

Otherwise need the information requested - Exchange version and host OS.

Hi gparrot,

Can you give some more information?
Where version of Exchange are you running on the servers? Cluster?

Are it messages to some specific domain that you want to track?

gparrottAuthor Commented:
This was the answer.  Stopped message tracking and moved to a new directory.  I then added each day (since our servers create a new log each day) to the new directory until tracking again "broke".  This allowed us to pin-point the corrupted file.  

Now we are trying to determine root cause as to why it became corrupted.  Message tracking is an important function for us.
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