Accessing a key in registry through DOS, NTFS, XP

Hello guys,

I need to access a key in registry on Windows XP, through DOS, with a bootdisk (NTFS)

Anyone knows a way to do that? Anyone knows a specific bootdisk for NTFS?
And how can I access registry through DOS ?

Best wishes!

Ricardo Nogueira, from São Paulo, Brazil
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yehudiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why must it be specifically DOS?  Can you ONLY use a floppy boot disk, or do you have the ability to boot from CD or DVD?

Here is a link to a page where you can download a LINUX boot disk (floppy OR CD), which will let you edit the registry:

All instructions are on the Web page - it is pretty easy to use. Just follow the prompts! :-)
Another option is to purchase the Winternals program suite "Administrator's Pak", which will also allow you to gain access to the disk and registry:

"Administrator's Pak is a complete suite of powerful, versatile tools that allow you to repair unbootable or locked-out systems, restore lost data, remove malware from infected systems while the system is safely offline using your existing antivirus software, and diagnose system and network issues. Administrator's Pak includes ERD Commander 2005, Remote Recover, NTFSDOS Professional, Crash Analyzer Wizard, FileRestore, Filemon Enterprise Edition, Regmon Enterprise Edition, AD Explorer, Insight for Active Directory, and TCP Tools. "
wazaaaaaaaAuthor Commented:
Yehudi, thank you for the links!!!

My pleasure! :-)
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