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Director MX 2004 with ActiveX Windows Media Player

I am creating a CD-ROM with some text and a few mpeg 1 videos.
Due to economic reasons, I did not purchase any mpeg Xtras that are available,
but used the ActiveX Windows Media Player option instead.

I had specified the files that I needed in 'Filename or URL' field of the 'custom' tab.
After I published my file as a projector (.exe), it plays fine on the PC I created the file on.
But when I cut the files to a CD and played it on another system, the Media Player ActiveX control could not detect the video files.

I suspect the ActiveX controls are detecting the filenames of the videos as absolute links.
Are there any solutions for this problem?

Please help.
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1 Solution
You can reset this at runtime.  Set it to be blank initially, then at runtime set the filename/url field of the sprite using hte moviePath

sprite(1).filename = the moviePath & "media\video.mpg"
WwysdomAuthor Commented:
This is the first time I'm using Director in 6 years.
I'd appreciate it if you could provide more details on the exact steps needed to do this.
The simple "hard coded" approach woudl be...

PLace this behavior on the sprite...

property spriteNum

on beginSprite me
  sprite(spriteNum).filename = the moviePath & "path\to\video.mpg"
WwysdomAuthor Commented:
Hi, the problem has been solved, although I didn't need to hardcode it.
I just had to change the filename in the activex control to only the folder that contained the videos instead of the full path.

Thanks anyway.

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