i cant run internet explorer because of se.dll problem

hi guys,
I am using Windows XP (Japanese OS).
Everytime I open Internet Explorer, my AVG scanner says that a virus has been found.
[1] virus name is "Trojan horse Startup.19.J"
[2] it can be deleted, healed, but keeps on coming back.
[3] a separate dialog box appears with an error message of something like this -> C:\docume~1\<user>\locals~1\temp\se.dll cannot be accessed.

Please help.
Are there simple ways to deal with this problem?
Im not so good with computers.

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A mate of mine had that one too...

I was unable to remove it.
Though I was able to stop the effects.

Put a notepadfile (textfile) in that dir (C:\docume~1\<user>\locals~1\temp\ )
rename it to se.dll
do attrib se.dll +r +h +s
Now at least it won't do any harm anymore.
It's still on there though.

Easy workaround rather than the proper solution you are prolly waiting for.

Btw it also creates a regkey in HKLM\run which returns every time.
You can find that one using regcleaner.exe

Good luck!
Download HiJackThis from:


and run it. Then, do not post the entire log here, instead cut and paste your log at:


and click on the "analyze" button at the bottom of that page.

It will give you a link which you can paste here so people can examine your log and give you more advice.
HI there..

Try to use the removetool that can be found at:


Then disconnect from the internet, close all programs and run SpSeHjfix
Click on start disinfection. After it's finished it will reboot your machine and it should work again.

If not I can give you a possible other sollution

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>>Im not so good with computers.

>>do attrib se.dll +r +h +s

That's a DOS commando.
You can also rightclick the textfile and choose properties.
Check the appropriate boxes there.
Just gave this thread to my mate... and he said he already resolved it.

Kaspersky AV will get rid of this for you.
batang_igatAuthor Commented:
thanks kneH,
though its still there...
at least it seems ok now...
ill just do some backup with my files then do something to really get rid of this thing.

Well I'd suggest getting kaspersky anyways.
It's the best AV around imo.

And the firewall's a good one to imo.

really worth looking into.

Good luck and thanx for the credits.
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