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Replica isn't updated

I made a replica from a database ( not mailfile) to another server. (server to server)
But the new replica seems as it would be a new copy, no new documents arrives into it.

 What should I change so that the new replica receives the new documents?

There are databases on both servers which replicates with each other, thus the connection and setup must be OK.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
The server need Manager rights in the databases.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Look on the console or in the log.nsf database, under Replication. Both servers need sufficient permission to update the replica on the other server. Normally, you should set it to Manager, with Delete permission.
Another thing to check is that you connection doc is not limiting the replication to individual databases or directories via the "Files/Directories to Replicate" field.
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Create a new replica from scratch.
And what is the connection between these 2 servers?
I suggest trying a manual replication.  Let's assume the following:

Server with original copy: Older/Verto
Server with new copy: Duplicate/Verto
File path+name on server Duplicate/Verto: applications\stubborn.nsf

Go to the console of Duplicate/Verto and type the following:

If you do this when the server is idle, you can easily see the messages it generates.  You can certainly look in the log for the replicator output, both in Miscellaneous Events, and in the Replication Events.

You might also want to change your replicator log level.  The server won't really show anything ever, because DOLS replication is push-pull replication all handled by teh client (it shows as regular user activity on the server, but no replication activity).  However, you can modify the log level of client in the DOLS's INI file, and I believe the replicator respects the same settings as available on the server.  This just means more detailed informartion shows in Miscellaneous Events.
1st check the databases' properties: if their replica id's differ, start with madheeswar's suggestion to create a new replica.
If they match, go by the other experts' suggestions. In that case you may also need to check both database's replication settings (properties > 1st tab > replication settings > other-icon > Temporarily disable....)


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