Temporal solution for the backup

There is a share drive in a small company where users put their common and important documents.
The share is on disk which is in RAID-1
The backup device is not yet avaiable. What woud be best option to do a backup.
The share has around 25GB of documents so DVD is rather complex/ time consuming.
1) What is your opinion about that plan:
automate copy of the share to another 2 computers e.g. twice weekly (e.g tuesday ComputerA Share1 (overwrite old), friday ComputerB, tuesday ComputerA Share ) and then do manual DVD recording
2) I've nover automate the copy share task so I'd be glad for the instructions
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If the data changes a lot every day I would do a backup every night and copy that to the other 2 computers every night. The backup can be done with NTbackup and scheduled with the task scheduler.
glemaire2004Author Commented:
Thanks. I've got text file with a lit of files to backup. I found the syntax for this file can only be generated via GUI - I launched GUI ntbackup but I was never asked for a filename to store the list of the selected files?
Sorry, I don't understand if you ask a question?
glemaire2004Author Commented:
I have a lit of files  for the backup already generated outside the GUI for ntbackup
Is is possible to pass this list to the ntbackup?
Or - at least is it possible  to save to some readable text file the list of fles selected for the backup with this GUI ntbackup tool ?
You can try to edit the selection files that is created via ntbackup. They end with .bks. I have no experience of this though

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