Is it a web server or application server.
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bloodredsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As I posted in the linked discussion:

"Technically Tomcat is neither a web server (like appache) )or an application server (like Websphere) but a servlet/jsp container. It can be used to serve flat files such as images and html like apache but as a servlet container it can also run java classes such as jsps, servlets and web services. As mentioned previously here, an application server can handle ear files and all the requirements that entails such as creating and mananging EJBs.

The equivalent to tomcat of application servers would be somehting like JBoss, JoNAS or Geronimo which can all be downloaded for free.."
its a web server and a jsp/servlet container
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rema_nAuthor Commented:
>> does this help
What else would you like to know ?
>> Is it a web server or application server.

Technically neither.

A Web Server returns content in response to an HTTP request from a client such as a browser. It does not parse any java classes such as servlets or jsps. A good example is the Apache HTTP web server (commonly known as Apache)

An Application Server is capable of running fully fledged J2EE applications which may include flat files such as images and HTML (normally via a Web Server), JSPs, Servlets, Web Services, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), JMS and others. Examples of this would be Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss or Geronimo.

Tomcat is a JSP/Servlet container. This means that it can serve flat files but also JSP and servlets. It differs from just being a web server by its ability to run JSPs and Servlets but it is not an Appliaction Server as it cannot run full J2EE applications that use things such as EJBs or JMS by itself
If you are being pushed to choose between the 2 options than you should say that tomcat is a web server as it's closer to being a webserver than an application server, but with the differences noted above.
Tomcat is a servlet container.
An application server involves both a servlet container ans an EJB container.
So tomcat is NOT an application server.

hope this helps.
Also it can serve the static HTML, so it is a web server.
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