Windows 2000 server as an NT4 PDC?

We've got a windows 2000 server. Is there a way of making it work as a NT4 PDC WITHOUT using active directory?
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Why would you want to?  Win2K AD offers lots more possibilities and is, at the end of the day, easier to work with than WinNT 4 DC.

If the complexity scares you, don't worry, AD is more forgiving than WinNT 4 and you can roll back most changes (even switching between standard server -> Domain Controller and back).
Yes if you install NT4. Just kidding but the answer is no since it has to be a DC and have the PDC emulator role to be able to function as a NT4 PDC
godmonkeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input guys.

I didnt think you could. Believe me if I was aloud to roll out active directory I would... but the organisation I work for are a bit slow to embrace new technologies to say the least.
Hehe...  Not exactly 'new technology' .... Active Directory is 5 years old.
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