Clients not responding to Ping


i just started at a new job, and the network does some funny things.

from my desktop, i can ping SERVER1, and it can ping me, no problem

the workstation next to me, can ping the SERVER and vice versa, OK

however, I cannot ping the computer next to me, and it cannot ping me. it times out.  I can actually make no network connection to it (broswe its shares, use RDP etc)

all machines are XP SP2, firewalls turned off bt group policy.

I cant for the life of me work out why this is happening!

help would be apprecaited

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Can Computers A,B & C all ping both the localhost ( as well as their leased address? (, .45, .46)?

Tried renewing your lease manually?
IPConfig /Release
IPConfig /Renew

Might also try repairing the stack:
Start->Run->CMD /c netsh int ip reset c:\ip.txt <Enter>
Are they on seperate subnets?
Have you tried a tracert?
Tracert Workstation2

Where's it fail at?

Can you try pinging by IP (if not already)?
I.e: ping instead of ping Workstation2

Try a dns lookup (maybe it's not dynamically registering)
nslookup workstation2
Let's call "the computer next to you" Computer "B" , ok ?

Can computer B ping others ? such as SEVER ?
If can't , just check the cable and the NIC itself, and check the network settings

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olivesecurityAuthor Commented:
COmputer B can ping SERVER
SERVER can ping Computre B

Computer B cant ping Computer A (Me), Computer A cant ping computer B

now, lets bring another computer into the equation, called computer C. (these are all on the same subnet)

Pings between A, B and C timeout.

A, B and C however can ping the SERVER and vice versa.

It's returning the correct IP address from DNS - and pinging the IP directly doenst respond either. all nslookup results are right

tracert doesnt get to the first hop (as it would normally go directly to the PC, given they are on the same subnet)

help :)

olivesecurityAuthor Commented:
ive just noticed something (may be irrelevant).  

When I look at the DHCP server, most the leases have a what looks to be a picture of a pen on the little computer icon thing.

the ones that dont, (2 of them) I can ping..

not sure what the little pen thing is?
olivesecurityAuthor Commented:
i found out.  some of the DHCP clients are listed as Dynamic update pending for some reason.. dont know if this would affect anything?

i cant see any reason for it to be pending?

Where's the DHCP server?  Try checking the logs on it...
olivesecurityAuthor Commented:

I have a feeling one of our swtiches may be at fault - i will get a replacement in the morning and see.

however, and this is the reason i didnt go for the switch sooner, a similar problem appears at one of our other sites. i assumed they were related,

when i run netstat on one of the servers at that location, i can see active connections to 'computer D' - however when I ping computer D, I get no reply..

ive checked through the DHCP server logs, nothing strange there..

i appreciate everyones time
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