Manual install of PHP5 on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.1 and more.

I need some good instructions on how to do this install.  I do not want to use the installer, because I've never had any luck with it.

I also will need to install mysql and phpmyadmin, so reccomended version and instructions for that is appreciated.

I was also asked to make sure that PHP has GD 2.x and spell compiled for IIS.  I don't know if these are built in, or seperate libaries, so please advise.


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hujiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've used that documentation and it worked for me. If you have problem with a special step, let me know and we can solve it, possibly. Also, I list some links here, that I've never used, but seem to be helpful to me:

Not all these links are addressing PHP 5 so you may need to neglect some parts.
Wish I can help
I break your question to parts, and answer the separately.

About the GD: it is not installed on PHP, as much as I've noticed it. I opened a question here:
months ago, and the summary is this:
Edit windows\php.ini and look for the line ...
and change it too ...


also, you have to find php_gd2.dll in the zipped package of PHP, and copy and paste it to the extensions folder, which is usually c:\WINDOWS\

About the installation: Perhaps the best and most complete solution is provided here:

About MySQL: It is easy to install isn't it? You can download it from (better say from here: and the best version for you is MySQL 4.1 (since version 5.0 is still under production) (so you actually go to this page: !!)

About PHPMyAdmin: again, the installation is easy. You should download it from: and if you need furthur documentation, I recommend these links:

Wish I can help
rurbaniakAuthor Commented:
The PHP install from just doesn't work.  I've tried it, and it's not very informative.  Any others?
Glad to be of help. :o)
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