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Responding to Security Incidents

Hi everyone,

The network I am the admin of has had quite a few security breech attempts on it.
I have notcied that within the last few months attacks have become more frequent and the attacks are usually from the same two companies.

So I have decided its time I started emailing abuse@whatever, to report these incidents.
However scince this is my first time I dont know what to write in the email or what I should include.

The only things I can think to attach to the email are: firewall logs, whois, finger, nlslookup.

Can somone please show me a good template email I can send to these ISPs and also what to attach.


1 Solution
You can visit the ISP website and see if they have their own faq for abuse reports.

Here is a general guide:


Hope this helps.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Report the SPAM immediately! (within 48 hours). The older the SPAM the harder it is to try and trace the SPAMMER through server email logs.
Please copy-and-paste both the headers and body of the offending email into a new email and send it to the target which you want to send the abuse.
You normally do not see the headers of an email message when you are viewing it in an email program such as Outlook Express. However, this is the most important part of the email to send us, as it helps Your isp to try and track who the SPAMMER was.
In outlook express, to view the entire email source (both the headers and body):
Highlight the message in the message list, press [ctrl][F3] and a new window will open that contains both the headers and body.
Press [ctrl][a] to select all the text in this window.
Press [ctrl][c] to copy the text.
Open a new message and press [ctrl][v] to paste the text into the body of your new message.
Send the email to target.

Good luck


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