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Profile Problem

Dear Sir/ Madam

i am facing a problem with users profile. I installed Server 2003 and i logged on with several users on that server. One of the users attempting a message when he logs on " Windows cannot locate the server copy of your roeaming profile and is attempting to log you on. Changes to the profile will not be copied when logg off. Possible causes of this error include Network Problem or insufficient previlges"
I installed Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 and updated all the services from internet. When ever a user logon , he mad esome changes in his profile and when he logoff and logs in again, the changes arenot saved. Actually these users are working on CITRIX and when he open any application , he needs to run some applications and services each time he log on. Also i couldnt find his profile in DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS. All other users are working fine but only one. This users contains the same prviliges the other users contain. Please help me in this matter as quickly as possible. I will appreciate your quick reply.
Adnan J Iqbal
Adnan J Iqbal
3 Solutions
Are you using roaming profiles?
Adnan J IqbalNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
yes i m using roaming profiles
we had similar problems at my work

it might be worth just checking that the user does have a tsprofile set

It sounds as if you user has lost access to their TS roaming profile when your user logs onto citrix do they get any error messages about roaming proflie not being available? try ther following
Take ownership of the tsprofile and then reassign permissions and then put ownership of the profile back to the user you will need to do this on a 2003 server machine to be able to put the profile ownership back to the user

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Hey adnanjaved

I myself have had profile issues, and tried all sorts of solutions, what worked for me was installing microsofts own tool 'UPHClean' you can get it here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1B286E6D-8912-4E18-B570-42470E2F3582&displaylang=en i install it on all my servers and have only good experiences with it.

check ' Default User' folder in your document folder & let him to login again
In AD Users and Computers completely wipe out the entry for TS Roaming Profile and the close properties box, close AD Users and Computers. Go to where there should be a folder for this user's profile and verfiy that it is not there. THen on the CItrix server right on My COmputer and go to Advanced Tab and click on User Profiles (may take a long time depending on number of users that have logged in). If you see the user listed there then highlight it and click on Delete. THis will delete the local profile. After you have verified there is no remnants of this users profile go back into AD Users and Computers and put the path back into the TS Roaming Profile tab. Also, make sure this user has permissions to the path where you are attempting to store the TS Roaming Profile.
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