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We have a graphics user that regularly uses an .ai file, recently when opening the file, it doesnt display all the embedded images, instead it replaces them with crosses or blank spaces, all the text in the file is fine.

it gives this error -

"Can't finish previewing. Not enough memory was available or object was too complex, reducing the size of the document window may help"

Any ideas?

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Hi David,

From the message it seems clear that your client is embedding large-sized files into his .ai. Are you opening the file in Illustrator or Photoshop? How much RAM does your machine have? I'd try closing down any apps running in the background that are not required to free some RAM as an initial measure, but if the machine is just not up to the task then...

Good Vibes!

Yeah, it is clearly a memory problem, theres just not enough of it:) If I understand you correctly, your user constantly uses, and adds to the same file, perhaps, if it is possible, he/she could break the file up into two or more smaller files. Basically split the ai file contents up into two files. I'm assuming the contents are something like templates or clip art or icons, something the user regularily uses, but it isn't important for all the layers/images to be in one file.
It does sound like a memory issue. If you have more than one drive on the machine, check what disk your scratch file is using. You may just need more HD space for temporary memory.
I just run into this problem myself when installing a new 2003 Domain.

One of the systems had Adobe illustrator.  The user had created a number of large AI files.
Once I had installed the DC, and connected everyones PC to the new Domain, the user was unable to open the Files anymore, and getting the "Object to Complex".

1/ I didnt touch the Software,  so it cant be that.

2/ Hardware was untouched, so it cant be that.

3/ User created a new profile when logging into the new domain, Check here.

First thing I did, was give the user local admin rights to the Client PC.  (eg, Added the domain account under the "Administrators" group locally.)


Well, this seems to be a straigh error for permissions.
I think that you would be able to add the user to Power Users and get the same result.  Im my circumstances, there was no issue with this user having Admin Rights, so be it.
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