Clean out the private folder in exchange 6.5

I keep getting close to the 16 gig ceiling with Exchange.
I have the users delete old emails and then empty the deleted folder but it doesnt change the size of my priv1 files.
I thought when the server defrags at night it would delete old deleted emails.
I set up a policy to not keep deleted items for over 1 day.
Bit confused could use some help
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The solution has already been given. More than likely it is related to a configuration and or methodology issue.
No offense meant by the above statement.

1. Configure Deleted Item retention to 0 or 1 day. This may or may not have been what you said earlier:
"I set up a policy to not keep deleted items for over 1 day."
I don't know if this was done using mailbox manager or what.

Steps for configuring Deleted Item Retention:
To set a retention period for an entire private or public information store:
a.  In the Exchange Administrator program, click to expand the Server container, and then click the information store (public or private, as applicable) that you need to set the retention time for.
b.  Click the General tab, and then type the appropriate number in the Deleted item retention time (days) box.

Make sure that the Online Maintenance runs AFTER deleted Item retention expires. This 2. will then make the space that was occupied by the deleted data availiable as "white space". Look for Event id 1221. This will be logged when the online maint. completes.
This will tell you how much space you will regain.

When 1221 reflects what you expect to regain, THEN run ESEUTIL /D against the PRIV.EDB.
You will need to run an offline Defragmentation in order to remove the database pages that are no longer used.

Eseutil /d is the switch. The Mailbox store must be dismounted in order to run Offline Defrag.
To determine the approximate amount of free space that will be regained, look for event id 1221. The value listed is the amount of "white space" in the database.
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hausen4uAuthor Commented:
Even when i run eseutil /d  on the priv1.edb which i did Sunday night the mailboxes which i know had a gig of deletions still did not compress. I'm beginning to think the exchange program is not working correctly.
hausen4uAuthor Commented:
Ok weve "doubled" our money!
Anyone with a solution / fix?
hausen4uAuthor Commented:
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